Chapter 12: Reflections in the Eye

Oczami_minimalisty, Pixabay

It’s been a while since I posted anything on this blog, probably for good reasons. The journey into the hinterland has been filled with innumerable cliff hangers for me. The focus of my magical travelogue has appeared and accompanied me through difficult moments, and then vanished into the vast desert landscape. I’ve realised now that this is only the beginning, the road ahead disappears into the stars, the “Imperishable Stars” as ancient Egyptian texts were so fond of quoting. To follow in the footsteps of Anubis is to plumb depths of the well of your own soul. I’ve had to clear away a lot of silt from the bottom of this well, buckets full dear people. The water hasn’t been of the utmost clarity as a result. It’s improving though.

Many times I’ve wondered whether this endeavour was worth all the pain, ill health and challenges. Yes, he says. “All the more to break down the hardened carapace around you. Disintegration is necessary in order for life to proceed and flourish”

So be it.

The Walker Between the Worlds also opens the Way. Takes the aspirant to a specified point on the journey and then hands them over to the guardianship of another. He has prepared the way for a new order to emerge, for a soul that has reassessed its goals and reason for being. Sometimes the soul’s outdated behaviours and subconscious fears may kick back and refuse to go. The “reborn” soul has then to decide on a course of action, face the intransigent upstarts and refuse to be swayed from their decision. Emotional blackmail is an unpleasant and manipulative entity. It preys upon our vulnerabilities and seeks to drag us back into the toxic pool of past grief and insecurities.

The soul should stand and look at the chimaera of psychic detritus before it. Compassion is not an option here, it may come into play but should not seek to undermine the soul’s resolve. Does that sound harsh? It isn’t, why seek to embrace that which has wounded and parasitized your very being? That experience may have changed you beyond your dreams, transformed you into a person you thought would never be, uncovered strength and courage that lay dormant for eons. The negative experiences soon become ephemera floating on winds that bring news of fantastical lands beyond the horizon.

A new Guardian then steps out of the shadows to face you. In this case it’s a being I’ve known and cherished for a long time, Tehuti or Thoth as he is known to many. Anubis has revealed profound mysteries (up to a certain point) on the path but there is more to be unveiled, digested and integrated. He is one third of the Triad and Tehuti takes up the reins of the chariot to take the soul further into new vistas, convey wisdom that may be understood in light of the soul’s rebirth. The Demiurge, also known as Lord of Time, Wisdom, Science, Magic, undertakes to teach this student mysteries beyond the earthly plane and lying within the heavens. They appear as reflections in the eye, portal into the soul that lies within the chamber of regeneration; being a vessel for the waters of life to reside in. They lie at the heart of the storm, one that rages in the world of material manifestation. One in which Mind and Heart face Chaos and Growth.

I face Tehuti, with a quizzical expression on my face, a little nervous perhaps. It’s been a long time since the two of us met, the relationship needs to be reinvigorated. He smiles at this. I shrug my shoulders and smile back. Relationships need a boost from time to time to keep them fresh and living. He offers a bunch of cornflowers and poppies, must have read my mind, they’re a couple of my favourite flowers! I accept with thanks and bow my head in respect.

As for my gift, I open my palms to reveal a diamond heart, emanating brilliant, penetrating light. He blesses it, an honour indeed, one that I’ve been waiting for. I hug him impulsively, a little overcome by emotion. He doesn’t appear to mind. For one brief moment I sense the enormity of the mysteries around us, an endless sight of diamond bright stars against a purple and navy backdrop. The presence of infinity captured in a snapshot. I leave him standing on the shore looking out into the heart of the mystery.


kellepics, Pixabay


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